ZSL London Zoo

Be transported from City Life to jungle life at London Zoo. You and the kids may be taking your vacation in London city, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t get to see some wild animals.

Located in Regents Park, London, the Zoo is home to a whole host of animals, that you can see daily from 10am.

Visit the penguin colony living at penguin beach, hear the roar of the Lions in the land of the Lions experience the rainforest and all the animals it is home to. See the tigers in their own territory, visit the gorillas in the gorilla Kingdom. London Zoo is also home to a whole host of other animals including lemurs, spiders, butterflies, squirrel monkeys, tortoises, hippos and a large reptile house.

There are events happening throughout the year to enhance your visit to the zoo, check what's happening online for your visit, so you can plan accordingly.

You can also opt to have a zoo experience where your child can become a keeper for the day. Want to take the zoo experience that little bit further, then why not stay overnight in the zoo lodges. The lodges are hidden away on the edge of the Land of the Lions. On this overnight stay you and the kids get to experience the zoo after dark, seeing what happens when everyone else goes home. Experience the sounds of the wild without leaving London. An overnight stay at zoo include three tours the sunset tour and night tour and early hours when the zoo is closed to the public.

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