The National Gallery

Stories behind the artwork at the National Gallery, London. The National Gallery can be found on Trafalgar Square London. It is open daily from 10 a.m. With their late-night Friday till 9 p.m. There is free admission to the main gallery.

When on vacation in London with the kids a Trip to the National Gallery is a must. 

On Sunday, the National Gallery is open for the children to enjoy the Sunday storytelling. There are three sessions lasting half an hour from 10:30 a.m. During this half hour storytelling session, the kids will learn about a painting and the story behind it.

The National Gallery encourage you to take pictures of the art, so don't forget to take a camera, and here’s an idea, why not take a disposable one for the kids to take pictures of their favourite art, how they see it.

The National Gallery has plenty of workshops going on for the kids to join in on. Check what's on for your visit on their website. An Audio guide and free gallery tours are available.

There are three restaurants and cafes to enjoy your lunch in. Areas have been set aside in the gallery if you want to take your own lunch.

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