Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai hosts the world expo exploring themes of creating a better world using creativity and innovation. With representation from almost every major country in the world, Expo 2020 is sure to host a plethora of fun and innovative new ideas.

Oct 2020
Apr 2021
A six-month long event and a first for the middle east region, Expo 2020 is something Dubai has been leading up to for the last 6 years. The event will celebrate culture, collaboration and innovation from the region and around the world. Countries from the world over are represented with major countries featuring pavilions of their own. Expo 2020 will be marked with a glamorous opening and closing ceremonies with dazzling displays. The main plaza will be decorated with a giant dome featuring a colossal 30-degree screen, projecting media to visitors inside and out. If you're a change-maker, thought leader, or are in business or wanting to be - this is the event to mark in your calendars. Dubai expects 25 million visitors for the six-month event.
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