Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

A once in a lifetime experience in the world of stars and galaxies.

Seeing the sky through a telescope is always a unique experience. Head to the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, take time to look up and study stars and galaxies and feel connected to the history of the universe.

The stargazing tours in the Mackenzie area are unmatchable to any other experience in Queenstown. Your kids will experience millions of awe-inspiring stars that can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere, including the Southern Cross, the Magellan Nebula, and the Milky Way.

To make the most of your opportunity, go for a clear winter night near the new moon in July or August. Your family visit during winter makes you lucky enough to welcome the Aurora Australia' Symphony of Colors. Just Like the Northern Lights, this phenomenon is caused by the collision of atoms and charged particles above the North and South Pole. Spectacular purple, green, yellow, and blue dance silently in the night sky is bringing these collisions to life. Simply, the amazing views will be new and, obviously, hard to forget.

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