Auckland ‐ The City of Sails. It's a small city, at least in comparison to other major metropolitan areas. But it's what it packs in that area is what matters. It has the feeling of a small city but with no shortage of things to do for families.

Its perfect.

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The city has a gamut of things to do for families with young kids. The city spans from the north of the Harbour Bridge with pockets of hotspots around the North Shore suburbs to cosy little towns like Matakana. It goes all the way past the CBD southwards over the Bombay Hills. The City Centre houses a large number of activities but shares a lot more with the suburbs in all directions. With that said, if you're in town for a short hop, locating yourself in the Centre is your best bet.

Best time to visit

Auckland has four seasons but they don't vary as much as they do in other parts of the world. It gets cold in the winter but nothing in comparison to other parts of the world. With that said, most outdoor activities are best enjoyed in the warmer summer months from November to April. If you happen to find yourself here outside of these months, it's just as good as long as you pack a winter jacket.

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